From April 18 to April 25 : we are closed

Our kitchen closes at 9PM Wednesday and Thursday, at 10PM Friday and Saturday and at 8h30PM Sunday.

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About us

With much pleasure, we welcome you to our home! The Auberge Sutton Brouërie was born from the coming together of four young entrepreneurs in the winter of 2015. Our dream comes to life in an atmosphere of mutual aid and fairness. We are four, just like the four legs that appear at the bottom of our logo: Élise, Martin, Amielle and Patrick. Together, we’re solid gold.

Our mission is to offer you a place that can melt your day-to-day away. Whether alone, with family or friends, we wish you the most epicurean of experiences in a warm and homey space.


Our new package is really jazzy!

When it comes to jazz, the reputation of the Auberge Sutton Brouërie is well established. This is your chance to enjoy it!

Our new offer, called « Take the ASB train » in honor of the famous song by Duke Ellington, gives you the opportunity to indulge in a memorable evening.  Take in a jazz concert at the Brouërie while savouring a delicious dinner for two. Partner it with the perfect  pint of freshly brewed beer or glass of house wine and complete this marvelous evening in one of our modern and elegant rooms.


Details : Valid only on Fridays.


Included :

A room in double occupancy

Dinner for two including a starter or a dessert and a main course. Choice between a glass of home-brewed beer or a glass of house wine.


Price : $ 200*
Taxes not included

The Auberge is the perfect stop to relax after a day of skiing or cycling. Unique to Sutton, we offer you lodging in attractive rooms that are designed for your comfort. Conveniently, we can welcome you as a solo traveler, as a couple, as a family or with friends in the coziest of rooms. After a beer and a great meal at the Brouërie, make your way to the upper floor and slip into your bed for the ultimate rest before resuming your activities in the morning.

All of our rooms are split in two floors and can receive up to 4 people.

Download our beer menu
Download the menu

Here at the Brouërie, we pride ourselves on our meticulously home-brewed beers and have over 20 different beers, ciders and kombuchas that come from micro-brewries across Québec. All our products have been selected for their audacity and exceptional character.

Once your thirst is quenched, let yourself be tempted by our pub kitchen’s latest inspirations. Our dishes have been designed to suit any occasion, be it a lunch time bite, an end-of-day beer, a well-deserved after-ski meal, or an evening meal for two. Your time in Sutton will never have been this delicious!

A jazz or swing inspired band play for you every Friday night from 6 to 8pm.

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We recommend you reserve anytime!

Gift certificates are available by email, phone or mail. We’ll send them to you with pleasure. Call 450-538-0005 or write to

We are bottling four of our wonderful beers; the Bobonom, the saison Bee-bop, la Brune alpine and the robuste porter Iroquois.

Here is where you can find them:

In Montreal: Veux-tu une Bière, Dépanneur Peluso, Marché Station 54, Le Bièrologue Montréal, La Bièrothèque, Le Permis de Bière, Les Bons Buveurs (Ils en Fument…), La Maison des Bières, Les Délires du Terroir, Maltéhops, Espace Houblon

In Sherbrooke : Bière Dépôt au Vent du Nord

In Quebec : L’Axe du Malt

À Trois-Rivières : La Barik, La Voute du Malt

In the Eastern townships: Marché du Village Ange-Gardien, Bonisoir Sutton, Dépanneur chez Ben Dunham, IGA Marché Gaouette Granby